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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Review of “When Fate Dictates” by Elizabeth Marshall by C.C.Cole

“When Fate Dictates” is a beautiful, romantic story beginning in the tumultuous days of 17th century Scotland.  A young woman, Corran, and a solider, Simon meets following a massacre, fall in love and marry.  As the story moves, the identity of the main characters comes to light, revealing the relationship they have to the man who seeks to harm them.  Through ancient artifacts, paranormal events carry the couple through time, showing the infinite boundaries of true love, regardless of time and place.   This is a beautiful, must-read for romance fans, and for readers seeking a romantic tale with an interesting historic backdrop.  Five stars!

As Elizabeth gave a lot of praise to my books, I say she's not such a bad writer herself.  In fact, she's a great writer!! 

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