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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Music Moment: Ernie's Denial by C.C.Cole

What's better than some great rock music to wake you up in the morning?  I grew up listening to rock 'n roll music being a child of young parents.  While my friends have parents that dance to big band and Sinatra, mine cranked up Steppenwolf every morning.  At the grandparent's, country music was favored but it never caught on with me, though I enjoyed Johnny Cash's music and his show.

Therefore, I'm sharing some rock music from an upcoming band and FB friend, Ernie's denial.  They were kind enough to answer some interview questions for me.  Like genre fictional writing, as I do, these guys are in a tough business where it's difficult to get noticed.  Many musicians do their best work on the way up (and writers), and hopefully Ernie's Denial will evolve into a music career.  Their music reminds me of the past head-banging Black Sabbath (vocalist reminds me of young Ozzy), and some Nirvana influence (never a bad thing for a rock group.)  In common we like artists like Jimi Hendrix (duh?  Yes!) and Dave Grohl (yes!) and I do like their positive lyrics which give us a nice recess from past groups.

How long have you been playing?

Ernie's Denial has been around since 1992. The name was made up by Joe's major influence in life, his big brother, JB. There's a history, but let's start it off from it's resurrection.

Ernie's Denial was resurrected in February of 2010 when Joe had a huge crush on a woman named Summer. He made this song called "Summer" and the first time he played it on stage in the Rainbow open mic on Sunset Blvd., the crowd just went wild. The host, whose name is Erik Valentine, even said "That was the most rocking performance tonight. Everybody else sucked.". No one was amused by that of course.

How long have you been together?

October of 2010, Fer came along as the new drummer of Ernie's Denial. The first day of jam was an instant click. By January of 2011, we had a full demo of 12 songs ready.

Who are the band members?

Current members of the band are
Joe singer and songwriter and on vocals and guitar
Fer Cornejo on drums, the new drummer
Chris Purcell is still practicing the bass parts. Pretty soon he'll hop in.
Ernie's Denial was always just a duo of a drummer and a vocals and gutiarist. This time, we'll have Chris on bass. To make it a trio.

Who are your main musical influences?

Fer Cornejo is a big fan of Nirvana. He's majorly influenced by Dave Grohl and he really respects Kurt Cobain.

Chris Purcell's major influences are Jimi Hendrix and The Beatles.

Joe likes Tom Petty (& The Heart Breakers), and Credence Clearwater Revival.


It's pretty obvious that what really gave Nirvana their edge is the drummer, Dave Grohl. That's why Fer is heavily influenced by Dave Grohl. Our songs, "Caliber", "Pass The Ball", "Pick Up The Pieces", an "Million Candles" haven't sounded so stronger.

As the songwriter, Joe, I write lyrics that are positive. If the lyrics are positive, the stronger the song. No matter what, a song with good words is a song that'll move mountains. And good worded lyrics bring about BadAss riffs. BadAss Riffs + Hard Hitting Drums, equals a Rock Band that is so strong, that even the super bands would get on their knees when they watch us play.

How would you describe the kind of music you play?

ROCK. We are Rock. (All Right!!  ..that's me...)

What kind of venues do you play?

The trends clubs and bars went with is the "pay to play", wherein a band has to presell tickets in order to play. We don't buy that jibba jabba.

We like parties and events. 90% of Our fanbase are kids who don't care much about the internet except when they want to download our songs or watch some new skate trick.

Have you made any records?

3 months after the band's resurrection, we made our demo cd. The songs are downloadable for free at our site www.ErniesDenial.com

We'd like to keep track of it too so if you wouldn't mind downloading it for free and becoming our fan@ http://www.reverbnation.com/ErniesDenial

Who are your favorite current bands?

I can say that we can't think of any because let's face it, the groups and artists we hear now are 10th or 15th generation Soundgarden, Tool, or even Nirvana. 20th or 30th Generation Madonna, Metallica, or Skid Row even. There's nothing new.

What was the last CD you bought or downloaded?

Chris has been getting a lot of promo cds from various artists who play in the open mics of Unurban Cafe in Sta Monica and The open mics at the Church of 10th and California also in Sta Monica.

What kind of equipment do you use?

Drums, Guitar, Bass. Vocal Windpipe and diaphragm.
Who's your musical hero?

Fer's would be Nirvana. Especially Dave Grohl.
Chris' would be Jimi Hendrix and The Beatles.
Joe's, that's me, would be Ernie's Denial. I gotta admit that I listen to our demo everyday at work. And when I hike it's in my mp3 playlist. I know for sure we're the next Great Rock Band and this time as we lead the new generation, we won't burn out or fade away.

We're Ernie's Denial. Lend us your ears. The only thing you'll lose are those demons that dance on your shoulders. We'll make you happy.











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